Thursday, December 1, 2011 - From Michael Prescott:

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Samantha passed away very peacefully during the early morning hours. We cherished each moment with her and all the support and love that was given to her by all of you.

Take solace to know that she loved all of you as much as you loved her. Your support helped her fight until there was none left in her as she battled in her courageous journey.

At this time we do not have any definitive plans- although most likely calling hours and services will be next week. We will keep you posted as best we can.

Samantha Update November 28th 2011

I told myself that when I started doing updates I would give all aspects of what is going on with Sam, and although I have held off on actually doing so in such stark fashion here we go with a Samantha Update

Since the last update, Sam has done many things and although she has not been able to walk, she has been busy. This fall, she was determined to try and watch her friends play in their soccer games. Her love of soccer was not just in playing but in watching and analyzing it as well. She was able throughout Sept, Oct and Nov to attend many different high school and ISL games in which her friends played, from Northbridge High to Sutton to Westford Academy. Although sometimes the weather did not always benefit her going she tried to see as many of her friends play as possible, and she enjoyed every game she went to, although at times it made her sad as she could no longer play, she still cheered for all her friends, even though they may have even been playing against one another.

She also had been adopted by the BC Women’s Soccer team and she attended almost all of their home games. The team was so welcoming to her, inviting her into the locker room, giving her a BC shirt and talking with her after many games, she was so excited to do each game, and the girls on the team made her feel so good. She had the opportunity to watch them go into the ACC and the NCAA playoff and enjoyed every minute she was there. We would like to thank each and every one of the young women on the BC team and the coaching staff for allowing us to be apart of your season.

As October ended with snow, her Stars of MA team and club came to visit and we enjoyed the company of many brave and courageous young women who brightened Samantha’s day, and inspired her with letter and notes of encouragement. Her club continued to support her with visits, fundraising, and we are blessed to be part of such a great organization.

During October, Sam had gotten noticeable weaker and an MRI confirmed what we already feared, that the tumors had begun once again to grow and new tumors were forming. By November, it began to affect the right side as well and by the middle of this month she has little use of either her arms or legs. As of last week she has begun Hospice care with some wonderful staff who have helped us in making her comfortable, and loved. Thanksgiving was difficult as she has had problems in swallowing, and she has been having some pain. She is able to hear and process what we tell her, read to her- but she has minimal responses and is now sleeping much of the time. She was able to see many friends and family during last week as well for limited visits. We do have to thank the many people who helped make Thanksgiving easier on us particularly the U14 Stars of Mass team ( ENCL, Rover, United and Athletics) with their overly generous Thanksgiving feast that they delivered with many delicious baked goods by many of the families. It made our day just a little more bearable and we thank those who were so generous to us and it truly gives us more people to be thankful for. We continue to be amazed by the overall generosity of friends, family, supporters and people we barely even know- who somehow have been touched and affected by Samantha- with her zest for life, love for soccer, and bright smile and positive/ courageous attitude towards everything in life. We owe you all a debt of gratitude, for all the positive things you have all offered us in our time of need.

The Prescott Family


On January 19th, the world of Samantha Prescott was forever changed.

Earlier that evening she had just finished two indoor track races of the 1000m and 800m for Northbridge High School indoor track team, as a 14 year old Freshmen she had just set a school record in the 1000m.  Two  hours later she collapsed at home having a seizure and needed to be taken to UMass Medical Center in Worcester by ambulance.  She was intubated and placed on the Pediatric Intensive Care unit.  After a few hours she began to recover, but the Doctors noted what they thought to be lesions on her left frontal lobe, with treatment she recovered nicely and within 5 days was ready to go home. Doctors thought at the time she had a disease called Acute Disseminated Encephalomyopathy or ADEM, for which they thought is ultimately recoverable and she would get back to being the top student and competitive soccer player and athlete she was before the incident of January 19th.  She was on that path to recovery as she had gone back to her school and to practice with her girls U15 Stars of Massachusetts ENCL soccer team as they prepared for their 3rd straight run at the State Cup title and the chance to go to Regionals, she even began to referee once again.  All seemed back on track, but she began to have concentration and balance issues and after an MRI on April 8th it was noted there were changes in the lesions, after further testing and a biospsy the track abruptly changed as she was diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma Metaforme, an aggressive type of brain cancer very rare in children, although more common in older adults.  She quickly had  more memory issues and by April 10th could not walk or stand without the help of others. 

This was a far cry from the girl who as a Freshman made the Northbridge Varsity Soccer team from the start of the season and helped them to the playoffs for the 1st time in years, and for the girl who was in December named Freshman student of the Month for Northbridge high school.

Treatments began almost immediately and she is fighting hard to be the best she can be, but the road is long and hard, but she is a fighter.  She is dealing with this like all challenges in her life- try as hard as you can until you succeed.  During all this she continues to have a smile on her face and she is worried about how everyone else is doing, but that is just who she is.

We hope with the right support and care she can beat this, we hope that you all can do whatever you can to help Samantha in her fight to beat brain cancer and support her and Sam Nation in this fight for her life.